I’m Looking For a New Laptop Computer, What Specs Should I Look For?

A laptop is a big investment, before you invest in something so costly it is best that you compare and contrast all laptops that are available in the market and choose the right one for yourself.

Here is a list of questions that you must look in to when buying a laptop:
What platform do you want to work on?

You can choose any of the three options:

  • 1. Chrome OS: it is not the expensive but it is extremely secure and simple. Since it is technically just a browser this operating system is not likely to get infected by any malware or viruses. There aren’t many offline applications; those that do exist do not function properly.
  • 2. Windows OS: This operating system is not as expensive as the MAC OS and you have a greater variety to choose from. Now you can buy net-books that can turn in to tablets too.
  • 3. Mac OS: It is quite a user friendly operating system that supports multi touch is much more modern than
    Windows. These features make it quite costly as compared to the Windows OS.

What size are you looking for?

Mostly the size that you need to look in to depends on the portability of your laptop. Bigger the size less easy will it be to carry around. A laptop’s size can be measured by its screen size.

The smallest laptops are roughly 11 to 12 inches in size. They are quite thin and thus light in nature. They usually weigh around 3.5 pounds. A lot of users might find the laptop to be too small to use at times.

Then there are laptops which are 13 to 14 inches in size. Such laptops are quite portable and user friendly. They weigh around 5 pounds and thus quite easy to carry around. They also have a spacious keyboard that will suit anybody perfectly.

One of the most popular laptop sizes is a laptop that is 15 inches in size. At 6.5 pounds they are heavy to carry around but boast an impressive screen size.

There are laptops that are 17 or 18 inches in size. Those laptops have low portability and would be best suited if kept on a desk.

Are you comfortable enough with the keyboard and touch pad?

It would be a huge dent in your savings if you ended up buying something that you are not interested in. Make sure that you invest in a laptop that has keyboard with appropriate spacing. The keyboard should also be sturdy in nature and the keys should feel solid.

Type a few strokes on the keyboard. Women usually prefer a keyboard that has no spaces between different keys but men prefer the opposite. They like to have spacing between different keys so that their large fingers can be accommodated easily.

If you get a chance play a bit with the touch pad, see if it is easy for you to navigate using the touch pad or not. See how it feels to click on the touch pad and try to assess the ease with which the touch pad works.
What specifications are you looking in to?

The processing power: The most cost effective option for you to choose is the Intel Pentium CPU or the AMD E Series. They are best for surfing the internet but will pose quite a lot of problems if used for heavy processing materials. Such laptops though are known to have an extremely high battery life.

Just as a note remember that the hybrids are not as fast as the company’s Core series such as i3, i5 or i7.
If you want something for some tasks that require heavy processing like running softwares like AutoCad then you should go for laptops that have Core i3 or higher. It would be foolish to go for any of the laptops that have a lower processing power.

An Intel Core i5 CPU is one of the most renowned CPU in terms of high end processing power. But if you are a gamer then you must look in to buying a Corei7 along with a quad-core chip for maximum speeds.

You must have at least 4GB RAM for high performance. For heavy softwares and a lot of multi tasking I suggest that you go for a laptop that has at least a 6GB RAM. But for gamers who want to play flawlessly a minimum of 16 GB is required.

Faster you hard drive the better it would be for you. A hard drive with 7200 revolutions per minute will definitely win over a hard drive with 5400 revolutions per minute. A 320 GB hard drive would be perfect to store a few games or movies but a 500 GB or a 720 GB hard drive would not dent your finances too much either.

Most of the laptops now come quipped with a Flash Cache. Most of the laptops have a range of flash caches they can be used to increase the laptops performance. A flash cache is in no way faster than an SSD but it can be used to distribute load on it and can help reduce boost times considerably.

If you perform a lot of multi tasking, like playing online games a lot and in general do not mind spending a few extra dollars then you should definitely go for a solid state drives. These drives cost more than normal drives and they usually come with a very limited capacity. Since this kind of drive does not have many moving parts thus it is mush less prone to failure than the normal hard drives.

This is just a crux of things that you need to look in to and the ones that matter the most. I would suggest that you go out in the market and try out a few. Start your research by jotting down why you need a laptop first. (It will help clear a lot of things) Knowing why you need a laptop, will help lead you to what you need in a laptop and ultimately help in finding you your perfect laptop.