I Don’t Currently Have a Computer, Should I Get A Laptop or Desktop Computer?

When you are out to buy a computer one of the questions that will plague your mind for sure is whether you should buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer. A lot of people end up buying the wrong item of the two and regret it heavily. The wrong item largely depends on what exactly you need a computer for. Both of these devices serve different purposes. Only if the purposes they serve meet your needs can one of them be a correct choice for you.

A desktop computer is a large thing to own, it’s a composite device that consists of several components like a monitor, a CPU, mouse and a keyboard. It is also mostly accompanied by speakers. Where a desktop might seem like an inconvenience to many it has a lot of advantages over a regular laptop.

  1. Ask any body, conduct any test and use any software you will inevitably come to the same conclusion; that a desktop is much more powerful than a laptop. The central processing unit of a regular computer possesses higher processing power than a laptop. Where running two heavy softwares like AutoCad and LightRoom might jam your laptop you can run them quite easily on a personal desktop computer. Not only that along with these softwares you can also run other tasks and I am certain your desktop computer will perform perfectly.
  2. When it comes to upgrading your personal desktop computers are actually quite easy to upgrade. You do not have to be worried about harming the internal software or mother board during an upgrade when you are working on a desktop computer. With a laptop the upgrade is actually quite expensive. Both the softwares needed to perform an update and the parts needed for such an update are really expensive.
  3. Just as upgrading a desktop is cheaper than upgrading a laptop, repairing a desktop is also cheaper than repairing a laptop. A desktop has been around for a longer time as compared to a laptop. This is why it is easier to find spare parts for a desktop computer. But if you go out in search for spare parts for a laptop, you might end up searching the entire day without any results.
  4. As compared to a laptop, desktop computers are generally not that expensive. If you compared the specifications of laptop and a desktop computer that are priced the same you would find that the specifications of a desktop computer would dominate those of the laptop at any price.
  5. Desktop computers are known to have a much more comfortable keyboard as compared to the laptops. (But this generally depends on the person who is using it.)
  6. For people who love watching movies or performing tasks on a large monitor, desktop computers will have no comparison.
  7. Well another really obvious advantage that a desktop has over a laptop is that chances that you are going to be robbed off your desktop on any street are next to none. This also means that your data has a greater chance of survival if it is stored in your personal computer rather than a laptop.

If the above points did not impress you then the odds are that you are on the look out for a laptop. A laptop has quite a lot of advantages over a personal computer also.

  1. Laptops are extremely portable. If you feel like taking a break from your regular surroundings and work in a coffee shop it is really easy for you to do so using a laptop. Try doing that with a personal computer and you will be marked insane forever. With laptops comes the freedom to work or play just about anywhere.
  2. Laptops are the most popular devices to be chosen by people who do design work or students who have to commute a lot. Here’s a comparison of graphic design laptops. Where work and schooling is now completely done on computers it is really impossible to leave a computer behind thus the logical conclusion is to own a laptop; a device that can be carried around anywhere.
  3. If you compare the amount of room that both of the computers take up the obvious conclusion is that a laptop is quite handy. It does not require large spaces to be placed or stored in. another obvious advantage is that they do not really take up any room. Once you are done with a laptop you can store it in its cover and keep it anywhere you want.
  4. With a desktop computer you do not only have to deal with a huge number of components you also have to deal with a huge number of cords. A laptop computer only has a single cord that you would have to deal with; the one that connects the laptop with the charger. A great number of cords do not only make the room look messy they also produce a great tripping hazard.

Keeping the two lists in mind it might seem like a desktop has more advantages as compared to a laptop but the two most important points are processing power and portability. You can spend thousands on a laptop but if it is not as powerful as the one you had wanted it to be then it would be a waste of your hard earned money. Architects, web designers and developers mostly go for powerful high end desktop computers; with greater processing power they have greater productivity. But if you are looking for something that is portable then you need to get a laptop. With a laptop you can check your mail, go online and connect with people, write documents and play video games anywhere you want. If extreme functionality and processing power are not things that you are looking for in your computer then you must go for a laptop; it will serve you really well.